original title: Até a pró/cima!
japanese title: また次階!

documentary – 10 min. – 2017 – portugal.


This film is about a friendship growing out of walking together while not understanding each other. It sets in one of the long stairs in the hilly town of Lisbon, where Dona Maria, a potuguese lady, frequently walks up the stairs with a tall guy from somewhere in Asia. She tells her stories about the past and the present. Because of the language barrier, the conversation often gets derailed, pointless and lost, arriving nowhere, but along the way, they become who they weren’t before.

– 2016 Portuguese Film Academy Sophia Award Best Student Documentary (PT)
– 2018 Drunken Film Fest Oakland Audience Award (US)
– 2019 Docudays UA the DOCU/SHORT competition the Main Award(UA)

festival screenings:
– 2017 HotDocs (CA)
– 2017 New Orleans Film Festival (US)
– 2017 Hamptons International Film Festival (US)
– 2018 Full Frame Documentary Film Festival (US)
– 2018 Documemento (JP)
– 2018 Doc Aviv (IL)
– 2018 FILMES DO HOMEM Melgaço International Documentary Film Festival (PT)
– 2018 Spectral Microcinema (US)
– 2018 Drunken Film Fest Oakland (US)
– 2018 Tokyo Documentary Film Festival (JP)
– 2019 International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival Docudays UA (UA)
– 2019 Docfest Ireland (UK)